Lake Havasu Marina Ramp


1100 McCulloch Blvd.
* Across London Bridge
(928) 855-2159

The Lake Havasu Marina Ramp

The Lake Havasu Marina



Lake Havasu Marina has a 7 lane blacktop ramp. It is a fairly shallow angle ramp. More HPCC boats use this ramp than any other. However, fin keel and even some shoal keel boats like Montgomery 17′s sometimes have difficulty getting in far enough to float off without getting the tow vehicle in too far. A tongue extension may be necessary. Traction is adequate. There is one dock along the south side of the ramp that you may back down next to , but the first section of the dock is and elevated platform out to the floating dock, so it may be too high off of the water to be of much use. Once in the water there is well over 100′ of dock space to tie up to while you park your vehicle.


Lake Havasu Marina’s 7 Lane Blacktop Ramp


Lake Havasu Marina has a special deal for our HPCC family and that is you get half price launches and retrieves. Instead of the normal $10 fee for each use of their ramp, they will be charging you $5 in and $5 out.


USE EXTREME CAUTION EXITING THE RAMP AREA. THERE IS ONE POWER-LINE THAT IS LOW ENOUGH TO BE CONTACTED , AND IN FACT, IN YEARS PAST (NOT AT THE HPCC) IT HAS BEEN BROUGHT DOWN TWICE CAUSING EXTENSIVE DAMAGE TO THE SAILBOATS INVOLVED AND THE PROPERTY. Fortunately no-one was injured but serious injury or death could have occurred. The security staff on site is VERY protective of this area and there will be signs posted stating “NO SAILBOATS” on the road leading to the area where the wire is.

More HPCC Boats use this ramp than any other. There is a store as well as fuel docks right at the ramp. The Marina staff will direct you to one of a couple of areas that we will have specifically for you to step your mast and then be able to proceed safely to the ramp.

This is a VERY secure place to park vehicles/trailers. Security staff is on duty 24/7.


  1. Doug and Katie AmesDoug and Katie Ames09-28-2012

    We launched and retreived our Seaward 25 here the last two years without using the tongue extension. We put in beside the dock and walked her right on. Be careful where you go with the mast up (there are signs) as there are power lines up on top of the hill. Very nice ramp. Worth the bucks to launch even if you aren’t staying in the marina.

    • Sailhavasu 002Sailhavasu 00209-28-2012

      Thanks for the info Doug and Katie!!

    • Dee TurnerDee Turner11-08-2012

      Thanks for the great information. This is our first trip to the HPCC 2013, so looking forward to the fun in our Seaward 26RK!!

  2. Gare BearGare Bear09-28-2012

    Rae Marie, MacGregor 25, cast iron swing keel. We launched and retrieved at the Marina Ramp at HPCC 2012. I have a trailer tongue extension that we used and it put Rae Marie easily at launch/retrieve depth. No problems. This is a good first taste of the water temperature that time of year. Gives you early respect for not wanting to spend much time there (trust me, I know). If I had my other boat, the Spacesailer 18, 4-ft fixed fin keel, I would surmise it may take a strap launch at the Marina ramp.

    When you arrive at the Lake Havasu Marina, check their schedule for the week. At HPCC 2012 the marina was inundated at several points with numerous boats participating in a bass fishing tournament. I assume this in an annual event. At times there was a long wait in line at the launch ramp. If you know in advance when the bass boat put-in and take out is likely, you can schedule better. The tournament participants tend to tie up the rest room facilities as well as the launch ramp and part of the launching area when they have their weigh-ins. Everyone seemed real friendly so make some bass fishing friends while you wait if you want to launch when the bass boats are launching or retrieving.

  3. Don-DiegoDon-Diego09-28-2012

    We’ve used the lake Havasu Marina several times, HPCC #2 and #3 with our fixed shoal draft keel Capri-18, and HPCC #5 with our wing keel Catalina-22. Used the trailer extention, but no problems floating the boat off and on the trailer. I really like being able to walk along the dock with the boat to position it on the trailer. VERY sailboat friendly ramp. The marina has very nice docks, and plenty of space to store your trailer, and oh, did I mention GREAT PRICES! We’ll be back at the lake havasu Marina for HPCC 2013!

  4. Albert FischerAlbert Fischer09-30-2012

    This is an ideal ramp for our Macgregor 26S. We do not use a tongue extension and never had the wheels of my truck in the water. I like to wear my hip boots to release the boat, while my wife pulls the boat with ropes walking along the long dock; same thing on the way back. The long dock can accomodate several boats while one warms up the engine getting ready to go. Lots of space to set your boat up and lift your mast prior to launching. The place has excellent pump-out and gas facilities too.

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