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Carol and Elmo Gardner – “Carel”

Com-Pac 16 Monument, Colorado

This will be our first Havasu Regatta. We are looking forward to bringing our Com-Pac 16, “Carel”, in February! In 1972 we both learned sailing at the University of Washington (Sailing Club), playing with and raiding C-Larks, Kites, and Lasers (and one D-Scow). Later (late 70′s), while living in Anaheim, CA we purchased a new Venture 21 and sailed in and out of Long Beach and Newport Beach Harbors for several years. In 1981 we found ourselves living in Puerto Rico for three years, during which Elmo and a neighbor spent their weekends sailing a Catalina 28 around the Island. Then came a 25 year dry spell!

We moved to Colorado and Elmo took up skiing and hunting. Now we are both retired and have become musicians (knees can’t take skiing and hunting anymore). Elmo had a chance to crew on a 35 ft. racing sloop (Ft. Walton Beach Yacht Club) last year and needless to say, the hook was once again set. We purchased a 1980 Com-Pac 16 and after some minor fixing up set sail on Chatfield Reservoir. We haven’t had a lot of water time with Carel, so we are definitely looking forward to the HPCC and the opportunity to meet and sail with all the wonderful folks we have been following on the HPCC website! Image: DSC 01078

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