Invasion of the Pocket Cruisers!

"....the HPCC went viral through blogs, nautical networking sites, and mass media coverage." Sailing Magazine June 2012 Mark Wilson

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Winter's Warm Rays

Let Havasu's winter sunshine warm your soul. Whether in a raucous race, or a solitary sunset sail made for two, our warm sunshine will melt your winter blues away.

Pocket Cruisers Invade the Southwest

"....The convention has tapped into something people were craving, even if they didn’t know it." Sail Magazine - August '12 Kimball Livingston Editor at Large

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Change your Latitude, Change your Attitude!

"...The friendships that are made, the sailing, the love of small boats, and definitely the weather, keep these sailors coming back year after year..." Latitudes and Attitudes May 2012 Bill Barnhart

Enticing the Dreamers

"...I suspect that many of the tourists who strolled on the city's waterfront that day - and, even more so, those who stopped to chat with some of the sailors there - may very well have discovered a new dream that day." Good Old Boat Magazine - July Aug 2012 Karen Larson Founder/Editor

Fun, Fun, Fun!

It doesn't stop because the sun went down! That's one of the few rules we enforce. You're here on vacation. We're here to make it a memorable one that leaves you begging for more!

Small is Beautiful

"...Sailing with hundreds of boats gave me a chance to answer a lot of questions about SCAMP’s abilities. SCAMP and I had a great time...." Mike Monies " Travels with Scamp" July/Aug 2012 Small Craft Advisor Magazine

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2013 Havasu Pocket Cruisers Convention Introductory Video

See our video for the 2013 HPCC Event.

Click for the Sailhavasu Message Board!

Thanks for your interest in the Havasu Pocket Cruisers Convention. After Six consecutive years, we are going to take a break for 2014 to really evaluate the venue, dates, activities etc. When the venue and dates for the 2015 HPCC are chosen, they will be posted here. Check back and be sure to pop in on the message board and say Hi! The conversation between HPCC friends goes on year round there!

Five Reasons to Come and Visit Lake Havasu City


Sailors are a unique breed. Small Boat sailors even more so. Nowhere else will you find the opportunity to make new sailing friendships and renew old ones like here in Havasu. This is as much as Social event as it is a Sailing event. We truly are a family.


Throughout the week seminars will provide  education  in an easy relaxed atmosphere. Our goal is to see you go home an even safer more confident sailor than you arrived.


Lake Havasu’s balmy winters are an absolute oasis for snowbound sailors. Don’t let all that you have invested in your boat sit under a tarp for months. Laugh in Old Man Winter’s face as we cruise up and down the blue green waters!


Havasu’s remoteness and stunning rugged terrain are offest by a beautiful desert oasis town. Gorgeous resorts right on the water, and opportunities for all kinds of adventure both on and off the water abound.

And HEY! Don’t forget REASON #5! We’re all here to go Sailing!
Tow, fly or drive your way to Lake Havasu City in 2013 and you’ll get plenty of time on the water. See you here! – Sean Mulligan

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